The industry has long been craving for simple, easy to implement, cost effective Sales Force Automation system to manage sampling activities. The big systems not only are expensive to buy and maintain but often don't have the flexibility to accommodate the needs of medium sized operations. Iota was designed to keep it simple, cost effective, easy to implement yet fully compliant with regulations. It is a cloud based (Amazon AWS), infinitely scalable, mobile app makes the routine sampling activities of your reps simple. Your reps can use any iOS or Android tablet in order to use this app.

Key Features

  • Cloud based (Amazon AWS)
  • Compliant with PDMA, DEA and 21 CFR Part 11
  • One day setup
  • Easy to use
  • Global deployment
  • Infinitely scalable
  • Available through iOS App store and Google Play store
  • Audit trails for record modification history 
  • Improved data security with signature encryption 
  • Easy to manage all sample transactions including transfers, inventories and disbursements   with signature capture 
  • Standard set of reports for Reconciliation, Monthly activities, variances and more.
  • Notifications and messages
  • Dashboard for summary of activities


The sales reps can access multimedia content to demonstrate the product details and educate physicians on their products.

  • Product videos
  • Audios
  • Think tank Presentations
  • Recorded webinars
  • PDF documents

Customer Management

The customer management features of the app allow sales reps to do the following key activities.

  • View call plans
  • Record notes and comments
  • Search customers based on zip code on Google map.
  • Send emails
  • One click license validation

Data Management

Tejas Data Management is a complete solution provider. We offer a host of data management services to complement the capabilities of our product. Iota  allows you to continue to use your preferred systems like SAP, Practitioner validation system and others. We can build data interfaces in order to link your legacy systems with our app. The following data interfaces are built and maintained on your behalf to achieve data integration.

  • Employee details
  • Territory and employee territory assignment details
  • Zip to territory
  • Practitioner master and validation
  • Product Master
  • Lot Number Info 
  • Shipments
  • Return Acknowledgements

Transaction Management

The app makes it very easy for reps to manage all of their sampling activities. Any touch enabled device would allow them to record their transactions. The application will work on all major tablets including iPad, Galaxy and Surface. Supported transaction types include Inventories,Transfers, Shipment acknowledgements, Returns, Loss/Theft and Disbursements with physician signature.

Reports and Dashboard

Iota provides your reps full visibility to their sampling activities. The system provides a number of summaries, reports, notifications and dashboards to keep them up to date. Monthly summary, Reconciliation status,discrepancy reports are some of the important tools to keep reps on top of their activities.

  • Daily Activities
  • Monthly Transaction Summary
  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • Variances

Event Management

It is easy for sales reps to setup meetings with physicians. These meetings can be speaker programs or one on one meetings. The app makes it easy to send email invitations to the potential attendees. The system also allows reps to gather signatures from attendees for auditing purposes.

  • Setup meetings
  • Invite attendees
  • Get attendee signatures

Sales Team Training

Iota has a built in full fledged Learning Management System making it easy for sales reps to manage their training needs. The system makes it easy to access SCORM training contents through mobile devices. It also has the ability to review non SCORM contents, such as videos, audios, PDF documents and PPTs. The app allows users to take assessments as well.

  • Take SCORM courses
  • Review multimedia learning coronets such as videos, audios, PPTs, PDFs ...etc
  • Take assessment and determine score.
  • Get notifications