Aggregate Spend

The Sunshine Act regulations are final and we help our clients to build cost effective web based Aggregate Spend reporting solutions. Our solutions can track, summarize and report their expenditures based on state and federal disclosure and transparency requirements. Our expertise include building data interfaces to the reporting engine from other systems, linking customer master to the reporting system, issue resolution, business rules management for aggregation, automate report generation, setting up alerts and much more.


eSampling is an important tool companies are using in order to meet their overall sampling objectives. Whether you are trying to serve physicians in geographically challenging spots or you are trying to reduce the reliance on conventional sales force for any other reason, eSampling will be an important option you have on the table.We specialize in building PDMA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant platforms to meet this goal. These systems can allow physicians to order samples, verify their eligibility, send orders to shipment vendors and track orders. We can also build useful metrics, dashboards, reports and other business intelligence capabilities around the system.

Voucher Programs

Voucher and coupon programs have a big role In the Alternative sampling segment. If you are trying to create alternative sampling solutions for your brand, we can help you build your system that can integrate patients, doctors and adjudication vendors. The PDMA, Part 11 and HIPAA compliant systems we build will have the ability to register patients, issue coupons, real-time activation of coupons, load adjudication data from vendors, produce standard and custom reports for monitoring campaigns.

Customer Master

Customer master data management is at the heart of our MDM capabilities. Companies are struggling to get a single master view of their customers as many of them don't have a central customer master that can be accessed across different systems. We can review your customer data requirements and advise MDM strategies for creating a customer master. We also can design, build and maintain the customer master for you. We specialize in integrating NPI, state license, DEA data for practitioners, linking external systems to the customer master through web services, practitioner validation and sample eligibility, ongoing data updates, reporting and more.

Training and Certification

Companies recognize the importance of having an easy to use LMS at their disposal to get their employees properly trained on corporate policies. In a life sciences company, it is even more important as their employees need to have awareness on regulatory compliance issues. Whether you are trying to get an LMS that allows you to train your employees on corporate policies or you are training your employees on various regulatory issues, you can use our expertise to build SCORM compliant learning management systems. The systems we build can be used to create courses, take courses, take assessments, run various reports, create reminders and alerts, generate certificates and more.

Speaker Programs

Manage your speaker programs and other events efficiently. Use our skills to build web based and mobile solutions to setup events, track attendees, maintain electronic sign-in sheets, link attendees to your customer master, generate data feed to your Aggregate spend system for tracking the expenses for the attending physicians and their staff. Run analytical reports to measure the effectiveness of the programs.

Sample Management

Your sample management operation can benefit greatly from our deep understanding of the PDMA, DEA and 21 CFR part 11 regulatory requirements around sample accountability and sample reconciliation. We can build end-to-end sample accountability systems that will allow you to track all transactions, view audit trails of transactions, verify signatures and make adjustments. We also can build the inventory reconciliation report engine.

IT Services

In addition to the technology support specific to compliant solutions, we can meet your general IT services needs as well. You can utilize our expertise in network infrastructure, CRM implementation, Database and application development, Data warehousing, Big data analytics and reporting, Cloud based systems, mobile apps and project management. We also offer outsourcing of IT services.