In today's environment, it is getting more and more difficult to get in touch with the physicians face to face. There are practical difficulties to visit all the targeted physicians for a variety of other reasons as well. When it comes to sampling, handling white spaces are always an issue.Companies are relying on technology solutions to address this challenge. ‘Hey Doc!’ is an easy to use mobile app that can be downloaded and installed on any mobile device such as iPhone, iPad, Galaxy or Surface. 'Hey Doc!' will be a great tool in your tool box to sample your products in vacant territories.

Key Features

  • Easy to use app works on iPhone, iPad, Galaxy and Surface
  • Perfect for the sampling of vacant territories and the 'no see' practices
  • Can be combined with Renegade SMS, our SFA system.
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.
  • Flexibility to integrate with your practitioner validation vendor
  • Easy to integrate with your shipment vendor
  • Custom business rules implementation for quantity restrictions
  • Email notifications to   physicians   
  • eDetailing for physicians

Self Learning

  • Physicians can learn about the products by themselves
  • Product demonstrations
  • Videos and Audios
  • Think tank presentations
  • PDF documents
  • Comment on product or learning materials
  • Contact reps
  • Invite other physicians to lean about the product

Order Sample

  • Review product info
  • Order samples
  • Check order status
  • Review all previous orders
  • Contact rep

Communication Platform

Hey Doc! acts as a communication platform between physicians and the sales/marketing departments. The app makes it easy for physicians to contact reps, comment on products, ask questions and more. The sales/marketing department can send appropriate content to physicians through this app as well.